How to Set English Language from Your Computer

You might be confronted with problems with softwares downloaded with language you do not prefer or understand. There are cases like this because, more often, it is set to English as default, or, there are cases also that are set to local languages (not English). Even when you buy a new computer to a foreign country, most likely, what will appear as a default language will be that where you bought it (plus English maybe). Like me, I bought it in Israel so I always see those Hebrew characters beside the English. Annoying. To get rid of this, do the following steps:

1. Click Start then press Control Panel.
2. Select System by clicking it.
3. Click Advanced system settings (located on the left side). You will then be prompted by Windows needing your permission to continue or cancel. Click Continue.
4. Under Environment Variables, click New, then type lang both on the User and System variables section and type c as Value.
5. Click Ok.

Now, give it a try. You should have an English language set on your computer now!

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