How to take a screenshot (for Windows)

There are times when you need or like to put what’s on your screen (text or image) into a document or image you are working on, but you do not know how to do it. The following steps will help you how.

1. Hold Alt and press prt sc on your keypad. The active window where you are will be copied to the clipboard.
2. Hold ctrl and press V to paste the screenshot (i.e., what was copied on the clipboard in step 1) into a document or image you are editing.
3. Go to Microsoft Paint (Accessories).
4. Click inside the text area (white part of the screen) so your cursor will be seen and ready for any activity.
5. Click Edit menu and select Paste. The screenshot should then be shown here.
6. Click File menu and select Save As.
7. Save file as JPG/JPEG, and type a desired filename for it.
8. Done with step 7, choose a location on your hard drive to save your file (like Desktop) and click Save.

You can then use the saved file (screenshot) anytime into a document you are working by pasting it. You will have to open this file first of course in Paint and selecting Copy before you can paste it into your document you are editing.

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