How to make a wallpaper in Photoscape

Here is a cool and easy way to make a wallpaper using Photoscape – one of the free image editing programs with powerful tools that even beginners can easily get acquainted to and indeed easy to learn. Download your copy of Photoscape here if you don’t have yet.

Here’s the simple easy steps in making your own cool wallpaper:

1. Open Photoscape and click Editor (located at the topmost of your Photoscape menus and tools).

2. Select any image in your computer and click Ok. Now your selected image should be on your Editor window by now. Note that the folders and directories in your computer is shown at the left pane of the Editor so you can choose easily right away the image you want as a subject. I selected the bike photo here in my computer as an example (below image).

3. Now go to Filters>Distorts>Swirl. Adjust the slider to the left. As you move the slider, you can see the changes in the Preview window. Choose the result you want, then click Ok.
Result of my own is shown below when set the slider to zero.

4. Save it, right-click where you saved your creation, then click Set As Desktop Background. Voila, you can marvel your own cool wallpaper!

Ain’t that pretty easy and cool? Comment…

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