How to change the eye color in Gimp

Hi! Have you ever wondered how they made a trick changing the color of one’s eyes which looks so marvelous and amazing? You probably ask yourself ‘how did they do that’? Not that difficult really if you are researchful and have interest in the subject. A lot of tutorials are available out there and I’ll show you mine, in a very easy, fun-filled manner.

Ok, sit back, and we’ll start! By the way, if you don’t have a Gimp yet, click here to download your copy.

1. Open Gimp. Go to File menu>Open… Select a picture (face or eye close-up) from your computer which will serve as your subject matter. Above photo will be our sample on this case.

So, we have already the photo on the screen, ready for editing and manipulation, as shown below.

2. Now, go to Toolbox, then select Free Crop Tool (that small ring-like icon on the top-middle). Point over and click your mouse around the eye (your subject) so as to form connected lines surrounding the subject. The Free crop Tool lets you select any region or portion of your subject to be edited.

3. Go to Colors menu>Colorize… In the Colorize dialog box, adjust the sliders for the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness. As you move the slider, you can see the changes in the Preview screen. Freely play and experiment with the sliders until you find the right result you want.

In this case, I set the following settings (Hue:175, Saturation:28, Lightness:2) and came up with the image below as a result.

4. Click Image menu>press Flatten Image…

5. Finally, go to File menu>click Save.

That’s it! Simple as that!

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