Silk-look wallpaper in Gimp

This is my third wallpaper tutorial, my second in Gimp. Like the first, this is quite easy and very much suitable for beginners. Unlike the first though, another tool feature of Gimp will be introduce here – the Sinusoidal Pattern from the Filters menu, which is equally incredible and interesting as the first feature that was applied in my first wallpaper tutorial.

We have only a few steps to follow to get the Silk-Look Wallpaper result that we will tackle here, as shown below…

1. Open Gimp, go to File menu, then click New. Make the appropriate settings in the dialog box that appears, or just click Ok for the default value.

2. Go to Filters>Render>Pattern>Sinus… A dialog box will appear for the Settings, Colors, and Blend.

There are 2 main components under Settings, namely : Drawing Settings and Calculation Settings.

For the Drawing Settings, set the value of X=32, Y=33, and Complexity=3; on the other hand, set Random Seed=42 and select Distorted under Calculation Settings. Click the Ok button when finished with the settings.

Note: Click Randomize to preview varying image styles and effects to choose from.

For the Color Settings, choose any 2 color of which one is darker, the other lighter. In this case, i use blue. Just leave the Alpha Channels to its default value. Click Ok when done.

For the Blend Settings, select Sinusoidal. Leave the Exponent as is to its default value, then click Ok.

3. Ok, now that we have the image we sought, we are ready to make it colorful and attractive.

Go to Colors menu, then click Colorize… Adjust the sliders for the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness on the dialog box that appears.

The settings used here are as follows: Hue=the position of the slider is about 3/4 to the right, Saturation=maximum, Lightness=0 (default). Click Ok when done.

And the result is something like the image below.

4. Finally, go to File menu, click Save (or Save As) and you’re done!

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