How to change your Facebook theme/skin

Facebook is one of the most popular social media network today with millions of members using it everyday. So popular that even minors (as in the case here in the Philippines) were able to cheat their way to have their own account and connecting to friends and relatives. Now, everyday of using and seeing your FB (short for Facebook, of course) with those same blue and white pages can be boring and you may seem to want
something fresh and new – like your profile theme/skin. Well, why not?

In this post, just follow the simple steps below and find it for yourself how your FB profile skin can be so refreshing and savvy.

1. You must have Firefox installed to your computer, then download Stylish and Greasemonkey.

Stylish can also be used in Google Chrome web browser. Click here if you are using it (Chrome browser).

2. Having downloaded Stylish, a small icon for it will appear on your browser’s window (e.g., at the bottom right corner in the case of Firefox and top right corner if you are using Chrome). Click it to select your desired theme from the lists provided by, then install it.

For Greasemonkey, the same procedure shall be done as in Stylish. An icon for this addon also appears at the bottom right corner of FF (short for Firefox) window. Works only with FF browser.

3. To change your FB profile skin, login to your account, click the addon icon (Stylish or Greasemonkey), then select the theme you wish to be applied.


Stylish change all your FB webpages’ skin while Greasemonkey change only your profile page theme. Stylish is for and css while Greasemonkey is for and java.
> There are other addons/extensions related to the above addons which you may try like the following:


Boost for Facebook


Chameleon Tom

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