How to change the background of your photos in Gimp

Back to our basic tutorials in Gimp. This time, we’ll tackle how to make your photo more interesting and amazing by changing the background. Take a look at the pictures below – before and after.

What to do:

1. Choose the photo you want to edit and the background you like to apply. The color and theme should match your photo to make it more realistic. Feel free whatever background you prefer though as this tutorial just show you how to change background. You may edit or change it later anyway if you already know how to do it, and that is what more important.

2. Open Gimp. Go to File and click Open. Choose the image from your gallery that will serve as your background. I’ve chosen the image below from my computer as an example which should look like this one on your Gimp window.

3. Go to File again, then click Open As Layers. Select the photo now you want to lay on your background image. By doing this, you’re simply putting your photo on top of the background you first opened (which you can no longer see of course at this time). The next steps will show you how to replace the foreground areas selected into the desired background.

4. Go to Layer menu>Transparency>Alpha to Selection.

5. On the Toolbox, click the Eraser icon. Erase the parts of the foreground image you wish to be replaced by the background image by right-clicking your mouse. You can choose the size of the eraser as well as the scale located on the Eraser box settings (just below the Toolbox). Smaller brush size is usually used for the curves for erasing that can’t be done by bigger size. Make sure the edges of the retained image is smooth and no imperfections if possible.

6. To hide from imperfections and make your image more realistic with the new background, go to Filters menu> Blur> Gaussian Blur. Set the blur size to 2, or, depending on the image result, you may experiment it by adjusting the blur size that will suit your preferences.

7. Finally, go to File menu, then Save your work.

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