Remove wrinkles, moles, blemishes in GIMP

You want to upload your photo and want to share to your friends, but the moles, wrinkles and blemishes on your face prompts you to do so. Is there a way to fix it so you always look younger and at your best looks in your photos? Of course, there is, and this is actually what we will deal today with our easy-as-ABC tutorial using GIMP.

Ready? Here we go…

1. After opening GIMP, go to File menu and hit Open. Select your photo to be edited from your gallery, then click Open. Your photo should now appear to your screen, ready for editing.

2. Now, go to your Toolbox and select the Healing Tool icon (that crossed plaster below). This is exactly the tool that removes the moles, wrinkles, and all that on your face. All you have to do is point your mouse to an area near the area (e.g., where the mole or wrinkle is located) to be edited so that the color to be patched in place look realistic.

3. With the mouse pointed over the said area, press Ctrl on your keyboard and right-click your mouse. The pointed area now is selected.

4. Now, right-click the areas (moles, wrinkles, warts, blemishes, etc) to be healed. You can see that you’re as if doing some instant magic, with those unwanted skin problems being removed gradually!

5. For some finishing touches, although optional, you may smooth or sharpen your work by using the Blur/Sharpen tool from your Toolbox – that little droplet icon found at the bottom. Just click that and right-click over the areas you want to enhance.

This is the finished product–

You can do more refinements if not satisfied by repeating the process. And you can do more actually to enhance your photo by using the other tools and features of GIMP but for now, enjoy what you’ve done!

One response to “Remove wrinkles, moles, blemishes in GIMP

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