How to replace someone’s face using Adobe Photoshop

One of the interesting and easy to learn from Photoshop is changing someone’s face (from their photo) by another one. If you are still new to the program and discovered for yourself you’ve learned the stuff, it’s really fun and I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it very much. Actually, once you know already what this tutorial is, you can replace any part of an image or photo you like; edit colors and shades, change backgrounds; remove or replace anything you like; and other more you’d like to imagine. And then, you can amaze your friends of your new-found trick by posting your creation to top social media websites or right to their emails! That’s really fun eh?

Just follow these simple steps to know how:


Open Photoshop (CS2 and later). By the way, I used Adobe Photoshop CS5 here.


Go to File menu>Open. Select a photo from your computer which you want to be edited/manipulated. In this case, mine is a photo of Osama Bin Laden.
*The selected photo should be on your screen now.


Open another photo by doing the same step as above (e.g., File>Open). You can put the photo beside the first by dragging down the link, like the one below.


With the second photo being the active layer (should be the one visible in your layer dialog box), click Lasso Tool and select the face by drawing the line around it. When done, go to Edit>Copy.
*With the face already copied, it is now ready to be pasted onto the first photo.


Click the first photo now to activate it, then go to Edit>Paste. The selected face from your second photo should now be visible on your first photo, but most likely too large or small to fit the face. Don’t worry, that’s what we will do next…


Click Ctrl T (or Edit>Free Transform), scale it right, and then put it properly to the face to cover and replace the old one. Hit Enter if done. By now, don’t bother yet about the color, rough edges, and other parts to be fixed or enhanced. We’ll do that next…


Go to Image>Adjustments>Color Balance. Adjust the 3 sliders on the dialog box until the color matches (or nearly matches) the subject’s color. If in case the desired color is not yet met, use the other adjustment tools (Image>Adjustments>Exposure, Color Levels, Color Curves, etc.).


To fix the rough edges, select Eraser Tool (soft) and erase carefully around the face. You can blur a bit by selecting the Blur Tool to smoothen sharp edges.


More finishing touches… Other than the Blur Tool to smoothen edges and parts of the face (note: avoid to overdo it), can also use the Healing Tool and Clone Tool, if necessary. Try it freely. You can always undo every step you don’t like to appear (Edit>Undo).


If satisfied already with the outcome, go to Layer>Flatten Image. Delete inactive layers, if any. Then, finally, save your work by going to File>Save As…!

Here’s the final result:

That’s it! Enjoy!

78 responses to “How to replace someone’s face using Adobe Photoshop

    • Like the title of this tutorial suggests, it was done with Adobe Photoshop. If you are familiar or even a beginner with the program, I’m sure you can easily follow the tutorial.

  1. sir can u please teach this: in one of my school photos me and my friend are standing far away! how to make both of us look closer without changing the background??? if I cut my friends photo and paste it near me, the cut region remains empty:-(

    • You can do it by using Content Aware Fill. First, duplicate your background layer, then make a selection on the photo of your friend. After that, apply Content Aware (Edit>Fill>Content Aware). Your friend’s photo which was selected would then disappear. Now, to move your friend’s photo closer to yours, go back to the selected photo (your friend’s) then drag it where you want to place. That’s it! An alternative to Content Aware is the Clone Tool, which is more tedious, but that that would depend on you whichever is easier.

  2. wow…fantastic…please..i need to edit some pics like this..i tried but i couldnt do it…please if you can help me more…i send u pics nd u edit for me..

  3. can u help me editing my photos ….m unable to do so …its exactly d different dat i want to do ….plz tell me ur email so dat i can send u some photos

    • Extract the whole head (via Quick Selection Tool, Lasso Tool, Pen Tool, or by Layer Mask) to be used, Copy, then Paste it onto the original photo. Re-size and re-position using the Free Transform Tool, and Warp, if needed. The rest is adjusting the color to blend well with the original photo. Experiment using the Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Curves, Levels…

  4. sir i have two photos one of my first frnd and second one of my aoher frnd both are standig togeher on my first frnds face i have put my face the the colour of my frnds hand on which i have put my face are not matching how to adjust it and one more thing plz how can i adjust the colour of my second frnd face also so that our colour look similar..
    thanking u

    • I don’t know exactly what’s your subject looks like, and the best I could do is guess… There are 3 ways you can remove and replace the text you mentioned – by cloning, content-aware, or via masking. Using any of these will erase the text, and then you’re ready to put the new text in place of the old one.

  5. thanks sir.. i have before that don’t know psd..but now this tutorial is learv very used for me sir.. thanks to lot………….

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  8. I’m a old minor leaguer from the late 60’s early 70’s !! I’ve had stolen, all of my pictures of my days with the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS So can I send a youthful picture of my self to be touched up in another teamates image,for my grand kids ???? TOPPS baseball says they don’t carry my cards that far back any more. THANKS!!!

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    • Legally, yes. You have to pay for it. I never pay any software or application though. Search on torrent sites and even in youtube, you might get your luck for a free copy there. Goodluck!

  10. Or do anyone knows any program to replace someone’s face for free? because I just want to make a joke I don’t wanna pay for that, I might just use it once. thanks in advance.

  11. stage 6 where i need to make the size of the face big enough to paste the it in the next face of the photo.but failed to do:(

  12. sir i am big fan of you can i add you on fb? and sir i want to edit my photo but finally it looks edited can you please help me out i will be greatful to you

    • You can do this in 2 ways: 1)select the shirt and colorize it; and, 2)select the second shirt and replace it into the other.

      For the former, duplicate your photo first, select the shirt and apply color (hue/saturation). As for the latter, select, copy, and paste onto the other photo (whichever you want to change). Apply free transform, transform tools, liquify, and levels and curves.

      • No no… You don’t get it.. I want to change face not t shirt.. I want to put face from one pic into another pic.. Replacing current face.. Check your emails please once.. Thanks

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