Transparent, Pressed Text Effect in Photoshop

A 2-3 minutes tutorial on how to create a transparent, pressed-in text effect in Photoshop is our topic this time. It’s an easy-to-do, few clicks and you’re done!

1. Create a new layer (File>New). Choose a regular frame size, say, 5×3 inches or bigger. Hit Ok.

2. Double-click that layer (usually “Background” layer by default) you just made in the layer dialog box to open it, ready for any editing work. This layer will then be changed automatically as “Layer 0”.

3. Fill the layer with a light color of your choice and clicking the Bucket icon in Tools onto the screen image. I selected a light blue here.

4. Choose a font (black or any dark color, bold with sharp edges preferable, like Impact) and type the text you want. To do this, go to Tools box and click the text icon (the letter T), then choose the font you want located on the top left of your screen. After that, type your text. I typed “pressed” here using the Impact font.

5. Resize and reposition the text you typed (Edit>Free Transform).

6. Go to your layer dialog box and Right-Click the text layer (the current layer you just made which is highlighted by default), click Blending Options…
With Blending Options box in view, check Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow and Inner Glow. Hit Ok… and you’re done!!

And here’s the final result:

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