How To Create Your Own Windows 7 Theme

There’s this forum in a website where a member asks fellow-members ‘how to make his own windows theme’. Sort of being challenged, I then searched tutorials how to really make one. To make it short, I did found one. And I want to share!

Although the one featured here is for Windows 7 Theme, it is very well applicable to other Windows versions (sans the Aero effect on older versions) as well.


1. Right-click anywhere on your desktop. Below the menu box that appears, click Personalize (at the bottom). The image below would then appear.

* The images at the bottom (Desktop Background, Window Color, Sound, Screensaver and their corresponding settings below them) are the components that makes a THEME. We need to change the settings in each component to make a unique theme of your own.

2. Time to create the theme. So, first, we need to change the Desktop Background by clicking the Desktop Background link. The image below will then show up. You can now then choose your background that you’ve created or selected from the web. Save it.

* Shown here are KickAss Torrents wallpapers I made myself, put into a single folder. Yes, you should make a folder out of your chosen background file/files so you can browse and select. If not in a folder, you won’t see it!

Ok, one down! We’ll go to the next…

3. Click the Window Color link. Select the color of your choice like the one shown below. This will change the color of your border, start menu and taskbar. Enable or disable the transparency and set the corresponding intensity. If done, Save it.

4. Done with the Window Color, you can now then change the Sounds. Choose the sound file from the directory or maybe the one that you’ve downloaded (which I think you would prefer). Save once you are finished.

5. A lot of Screensaver from the web to choose from. You can download several of them and choose one to be your screen saver. To select, click the Screen Saver link and the Screen Saver Settings will appear like the one below.

Choose your preferred Screen Saver. You can further alter your other settings here like the power settings.
Once finished, click Apply then Ok.

Name your theme then Save
. Wow, now you have your own theme!

Share your theme

If you wish to share it, click your new theme you’ve just created, then select Share Theme. This will then be saved into a .thm (theme pack) format that you can share with your friends!

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