KickAss Torrent Wallpapers

Lately, I found myself so hooked with torrents. I really have fun sharing and downloading stuffs I don’t normally do and see from other websites. Actually, I’m now more frequenting torrent sites like KAT.PH than Facebook and other social media sites which I always visit before. I do have accounts on other torrent sites as well although I like KickAss Torrents (KAT.PH) more than the others. Maybe because I found it so cool for me. In so saying, I made some wallpapers for KAT.PH which I’d like to share. Anyone can download it free. A comment would be appreciated very much…

1. Colorful HD KAT Wallpaper

2. KAT Green

3. KAT Linear Light

4. KAT Dodge Effect

5. KAT Flame

6. KAT Fractal

7. KAT Lights

8. KAT Gold

9. KAT Fabric

10. KAT Blue Interlace

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