Text Reflection Effect

There have been countless tutorials on how to make a text reflection using Photoshop, but then I would like to share my own way of doing it, nevertheless. So easy, you can do it maybe in 5 minutes depending how fast you deal with it. Let’s start right away then…

This is the image we’re working with, step-by-step:

Step 1 : Create a new document (File>New). You may follow the settings I did below:

Step 2 : Double-click the layer (Background) on the layer dialog box. That would then be changed into an unlocked layer named “Layer 0”.

Step 3 : Fill layer with black (Edit>Fill>Black).

Step 4 : Type text. Grab the text tool (that big T located in the Tools box), choose the font type and size you want, big bold font is preferable. I used Gill Sans MT here.

Hit the check icon located on the top right of your screen to get rid of that line below your text and accepting what you just typed (e.g., “REFLECTION”).

Step 5 : Resize and reposition the text. To do this, go to Edit>Free Transform. Just drag the handler (adjustment points) to enlarge and reposition the text. Hit Enter when done.

Step 6 : Duplicate the text layer. Right-click the active layer (REFLECTION) then select “Duplicate layer…”. You have then your “REFLECTION copy” by now as seen in your layer dialog box.

Step 7 : Flip the text vertically. You can do this by going to Edit>Transform>Flip vertical. You should have the flipped text by now, overlapping the original text. Grab the Move tool then drag down the flipped text while pressing the Shift key. Release mouse when done. You should have something like the one below.

Step 8 : Create layer mask. With the “REFLECTION copy” being the active layer, click the “Add layer mask” icon located below the layer dialog panel (that little square with a white circle in it).
We are doing this to make a fading effect on the flipped text we just created.

Step 9 : Make a gradient. Grab the gradient tool, then select Linear gradient. While holding the Shift key, make a gradient out of your mouse from bottom up to the middle.

This is what it looks like now:

You can stop here actually. Most tutorials end here. Well, for me, I’d like to add a little bit more effect on the text. I don’t want it to be too flat. Let’s apply more layer style to make the text stand out.

Step 10 : Apply layer style. Right-click the existing active layer (“REFLECTION copy”) then select Blending Options. With the Layer Style dialog box in view, check Inner Shadow, then hit Ok.

Step 11 : Apply layer style again. This time, right-click the original text layer (“REFLECTION”), hit Blending Options, then check Inner Shadow again. Just leave the default values as is. Hit Ok.

Finally, this is what it looks like now… and done!

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