Multi-Colored Eyes, Lips, and Hair

Earlier, I’ve made a tutorial on how to make a multi-colored photo. This time, with a different approach, I will show you how to make a multi-colored eyes, lips, and hair, bringing a cool, savvy effect you surely would like!

As always, this tutorial is easy-to-follow.

Here is the final product we shall work with…

Open a photo.
Here is a photo of Go Ara, a Korean beauty which I snipped from one of her photo gallery. You can google it to have a picture of her, if you like. You can have any photo to work with, maybe a photo of a friend or yours yourself.

After opening the photo, double-click the “Background” layer. This will then become “Layer 0”, which means it is an open layer and ready for any succeeding editing work.

Create a Colored Gradient
We will be using this colored gradient throughout, to paste onto the eyes, lips, and hair of our subject. Apparently, this is one of the main element needed in our subject and is quite easy to do. To create this,

1. Make a new document (File>New…). A 200×200 pixels would do. It can be resized anyway by using the Free Transform tool later. Set color to black. Double-click this layer.

2. Go to Filter>Render>Fibers…

3. Click the “fx” icon below the layer dialog box (or right-click layer) then choose Gradient Overlay. From the box that appears, click the Gradient (black-to-white) option which will then lead you to the Gradient Selector box. Select that multi-colored gradient. The Gradient Overlay box will look like the one below now.

And the black-and-white fiber that we’ve created earlier would now become like this on your window:

For now, we’re done with the color material that we will use. It’s time to paste it onto our target parts.

Select, Copy, and Paste Gradient

Throughout, we will be doing the same process in selecting, copying, and pasting the created gradient, as said earlier. Plus, of course, a use of the Layer Styles and Opacity. How is it done, we’ll proceed :

1. Select the gradient we’ve created (Select>All), copy (Edit>Copy);

2. Go back to the photo layer, then paste the gradient (Edit>Paste) over the lips.The lips are covered by now and can’t be seen. Set the Opacity to 50% (or lesser) so we can do the next – selecting the lips to be colored.

3. Grab the Pen Tool (from the Tool Box) and select the lips. When done, right-click mouse and click “Make Selection”.

4. Go to Select>Inverse. This leaves the lips intact when we erase. So, grab the Eraser and erase the selection.

5. Set the layer Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 50%. You can do a little bit of Gaussian Blur (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur) to 2px, depending what suites you best. Yay, we’ve finished the lips! One down.

Here is the result for the lips:

6. Next, the eyes… Just follow the procedure above to get the desired result. Do it first with the first eye, then the second.

7. Do the same procedure for the hair as above but only this time, the gradient will fill-in exactly the whole photo. Just the size, because the hair is big, of course.

Almost done here except for the edges that needs to be fixed. To do this grab the Brush tool, set to smooth, and Opacity to about 60%. Brush carefully around the hair edged especially those with excessive colors that doesn’t blend well with the hair color. Blur (Gaussian Blur) a bit to about 1 to 2 pixels to smooth edges and blend well.

And there you have it!

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