Image in Text – Photoshop Tutorial

Here’s one of the first text effects I’ve learned in Photoshop. I remember quite well I made one for the birthday of my friend, sort of a birthday postcard, with “Happy Birthday” inscribed on it. I posted this to his Facebook wall and he is so delighted and gave his sweetest thanks. I was so happy for it. So, here we are, I’d like to share it too!

Image Extraction Using Channels in Photoshop

One of the most sought-after tutorial a Photoshop user needs to know is how to extract images, ranging from simple to the more complex one, like strands of blown hair, trees, and other images that has intricate edges. Dealing with backgrounds can be a headache also if it happens to be in different colors and […]

Colorful Image Typography

PREVIEW In this tutorial, we’re going to make a typographic poster from a simple photo using Photoshop techniques. I haven’t done something like this before despite the fact that I started doing typography both in GIMP and Photoshop. Filling out an image with different fonts appears so cool to me and it inspires me to […]

10 Best Photoshop Tutorials

There are already countless tutorials found across the web and, to my estimate, hundreds are published everyday of which levels ranges from basic to advanced. They are all very good but there are really awesome ones which stands out from the rest…and I collected them to be the Best Photoshop Tutorials as presented here. These […]

Flame Text in Photoshop

Creating your own logo, wallpaper, theme, greeting cards, blog titles, or anything that necessitate texts or fonts is somewhat fulfilling and fun. Why? It’s because you create yourself what exactly you want. If you know already the basics and quite familiar with Photoshop, it will be easy for you to follow the steps and technique […]

Text Reflection Effect

There have been countless tutorials on how to make a text reflection using Photoshop, but then I would like to share my own way of doing it, nevertheless. So easy, you can do it maybe in 5 minutes depending how fast you deal with it. Let’s start right away then… This is the image we’re […]

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop and GIMP Tutorials Welcome! I’m sharing my works which I’ve done in Photoshop and GIMP – arrays of tutorials ranging from photo editing and effects, typography, and others. The concepts are mostly inspired by other tutorials and creations across the web and not 100% result of my wild and creative imagination, so to speak. […]

Transparent, Pressed Text Effect in Photoshop

A 2-3 minutes tutorial on how to create a transparent, pressed-in text effect in Photoshop is our topic this time. It’s an easy-to-do, few clicks and you’re done! Steps: 1. Create a new layer (File>New). Choose a regular frame size, say, 5×3 inches or bigger. Hit Ok. 2. Double-click that layer (usually “Background” layer by […]

Turn Photo Into A Jigsaw Puzzle

PREVIEW Jigsaw puzzle is fun. Even more so when the pieces you’re about to assemble is your photo itself. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make an easy and cool jigsaw puzzle effect of a photo. Easy indeed that you can remember and do it at once for yourself. There are variations actually […]