Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop and GIMP Tutorials

Welcome! I’m sharing my works which I’ve done in Photoshop and GIMP – arrays of tutorials ranging from photo editing and effects, typography, and others. The concepts are mostly inspired by other tutorials and creations across the web and not 100% result of my wild and creative imagination, so to speak. I hope you like it, nonetheless.

There are non-tutorial stuffs also that I’ve posted like OS enhancement tips and photographs which I found it interesting or helpful. Just browse on and enjoy!

Soft and Shiny Text Effect
Image In Text
Pressed-in Text Effect
Text Reflection Effect
Flame Text Effect
Wrinkled Text Using Displacement Map
Chrome Text Effect
Grunge Metal Effect

Photo Effects
Create An Abstract Effect Into An Image
Guava Face Photo Effect
The Making of Square Melon
Mapping A Texture Into An Image
Easy Skin Toning
Redemption Surreal Photo Manipulation
Floating Landscape
Cool Retro-Effect In Photoshop
Dramatic Landscape Photo Manipulation
Multi-Colored Photo Effect
How To Make Multi-Colored Lips, Eyes and Hair
10 Best Photoshop Tutorials
Water Droplets

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