Color Correction in Gimp

In this tutorial you will learn how to edit or enhance the color of an image. For example, you might be so uncomfortable seeing a dim or blurry part of your group picture but you’re helpless you don’t know how to make it more pleasing to the eye. Neither you have an idea if there’s a way to edit or correct it so you can be proud to show your friends how great a picture you have. Well, not now that you come to this place… a place where you can learn the basics and more advanced knowhow in image editing via Gimp program!

In particular, you will learn how to adjust color values with the use of Levels or Curves to give a satisfying result to an image you wish to correct or enhance.

This is my first in a series of tutorials related to this topic, so watch out for the next to be published here anytime from now to several hours!

Okay, now follow these easy how-to’s to get the job done:

1. Open Gimp, go to File menu, then click Open…
Select a photo or image from your computer, click Ok. For convenience, we will use the
photo shown above to be our subject.

The image as shown on the active window after being selected.

2. Go to Colors>Curves…

Click and hold your mouse anywhere on the diagonal line, then push up or down. Experiment freely by adjusting the curves until the desired result is met. You can see the actual result while working on the curves with the Preview screen.

You can choose which color (red, blue, green) you like to be set by clicking the Value drop-down button.

3. Go to Image menu, click Flatten Image…

4. Finally, go to File menu then select Save. Widgets