Watermark Using Gimp 2

Here, I will show you how to make a simple watermark – a signature, for example, for your valuable pictures or images. You can add copyright, trademark, or registered symbols on it if you want to. Important is, you’ll be able to mark all your photos and images with your signature so it would not be easily stolen or used without your consent.

Ok, let’s go ahead and follow these steps:

1. Be sure you have your Gimp downloaded already. If not, just click here to have a copy of it.
2. Open Gimp. Click File menu, then select New…
3. Select the photo or image in your folder which will be watermarked. Click Open to put the image to your Gimp screen. So you have your subject (e.g., your chosen image) already.
4. Now, let’s make your signature (watermark). This is where the most interesting part begins..

a) Go to your Toolbox and click the big A icon there. This icon let you type and select the font style and size you want.

b) Now put your cursor anywhere (or where you want your signature be placed) on your subject image and click it. The Text Editor will show up for you to type your signature (see below image). When finished typing, click Close.

c) Go to Filters menu>Distort>click Emboss… You can set the Azimuth:50 and Depth:2. Leave the others as is (default). Select Ok.

d) On your Layers box (located at the top right of your screen), drag the slider towards the left in Opacity to the desired level of your choice. You can see the result/changes at once so you’ll know if you’re contented already.

e) Still on Layers box, right-click on Background (subject image), then select Flatten Image.

f) Now go to File menu and click Save.

That’s it! Now you have your cool, floating signature (watermark) almost invisible on your subject image!